Terms of Service

New Order Policy

1- When contacting Sunsoft about requesting a service, we start gathering information about your requirements. We write a software requirements specifications (SRS) document which describes all the requirements you expect in your software. So, please review it well and explain any unambiguous words.

2- Upon approval on SRS, Sunsoft will provide you the price quotation which depends on the details specified. This will be accompanied with the time required and other terms.

3- After negotiation, a contract is signed between you and Sunsoft, with SRS as an attachement. This contract states all the terms such as time, cost, technical support and milestones.

4- When signing agreement, you're required to pay 50% of the contract cost. When delivery and approval, you're required to pay the remaining.

5- A free support period starts just after delivery. It's usually for 1 year. This includes resolving any issues or problems resulting from code. This doesn't include adding new features or improving current features.

Pricing policy

There are some services and products that are clearly price stated on the website. There are other services that its price differs according to client specifications. So, we send a price offer ready for payment when agreed on

Refund Policy

1- When registering a domain via Sunsoft, you can refund your payment if you didn't get the domain details. After getting domain details, you can't refund. But you can stop domain renewal in the next year.

2- When ordering a hosting service, you can cancel your plan in the first 30 days and get full refund. You can get partial refund anytime if your are not satisfied with the service.

3- If you paid for a website development, you can cancel the service at any step and get the last payment refund if you're not satisfied with the service.

Delivery and Return Policy

You will get the service delivered at the stated delivery time shown when paying. If you didn't like the service, you have the option to request return within 14 days, or you have to request the changes you like